Speed ​​loans with minimal documentation

The total indebtedness of the Croatian population is far higher than the EU average. But earnings are far below all average. The cost of living exceeds the household budget, especially if it is a one-person household. Loans without HROK It is estimated that the debts of the average Croat amount to more than HRK 65 […]

The 3 most popular excuses not to start saving

Who here does not like to gift? It could be a new pair of shoes, a weekend trip or even going to that restaurant you both want to meet. It is easy to justify these expenses, we are trying to “fill a void”, “meet new people”, “seek new experiences”, or simply none of these three, […]

Disbursement of Loans

In recent years, Zagreb has experienced a real economic boom in every sense of the word. Although a large number of people are moving abroad, they are coming to the Croatian capital with equal intensity. According to official statistics, about 750,000 people live in Zagreb, but it is estimated that nearly one million people live. […]

Loan Money – Consumer Loan Tips

Loan money? Here are some tips on consumer loans you should bring with you should you choose to borrow money. You should follow a general rule if you want to borrow money : Think twice about and take a broad assessment of different loan providers on the internet. Loans can be easy to get, but […]