Loan money? Here are some tips on consumer loans you should bring with you should you choose to borrow money.

You should follow a general rule if you want to borrow money : Think twice about and take a broad assessment of different loan providers on the internet. Loans can be easy to get, but it can also be an expensive trap if you choose the wrong offer.

Talk to your personal banker or where you have your mortgage

Talk to your personal banker or where you have your mortgage

If you want to borrow money, it is usually best to talk to your personal banker or where you have your mortgage. Although there may be large differences in banks’ interest rates, they are often much cheaper than certain fast-moving consumer loans, especially the difference is with small loans (due to the high interest rates on these).

Initially, mortgages are even cheaper than bank loans, but it is a little more expensive to form. Smaller consumer loans are usually in the range of NOK 50,000 to 100,000.
You have to look carefully before throwing yourself over fast loans. It can often end up in a debt trap.

 You should seek out the cheapest bank

 You should seek out the cheapest bank

If you choose to borrow money from the bank, you should seek out the cheapest bank. There are important differences in the rates banks offer on money loans. You can use the loan website to find a consumer loan. You should not focus only on interest rates when choosing a bank. You should also look at fees. A very low interest rate may be due to a shift are many fees associated with the loan. Conversely, a relatively high interest rate means there are few fees.

You must always remember that the bank is only interested in you because they can make money from you and there is no reason to feel particularly honored if the bank makes it possible to borrow money.

Here are some tips, if you want to borrow money


– Avoid the fast, small loans. It is often very expensive to borrow a few thousand kroner.
– Don’t be tempted by small monthly payments.
– Avoid taking out a loan where the financial service goes beyond the life of buying the loan.
– Investigate the market carefully before taking out a loan. It can save you a lot of money.
– Not only look at the loan interest rate, but also the fees that may come with the loan.

When choosing to borrow money, you should of course also make it clear whether you are able to repay it and over what time perspective. The faster you repay a loan, the cheaper it gets.

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