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The total indebtedness of the Croatian population is far higher than the EU average. But earnings are far below all average. The cost of living exceeds the household budget, especially if it is a one-person household.

Loans without HROK

Loans without HROK

It is estimated that the debts of the average Croat amount to more than HRK 65 thousand and the average receipts amount to only five and a half thousand. Many, therefore, go out in search of loans without HROK.

What is HROK?

What is HROK?

This begs the question, what is HROK? A large number of people are looking for loans in this search, but they are not sure what it is. The Croatian Credit Credits Registry or HROK contains in one place all information about the client’s credit obligations, debts and debts. It was set up at the request of some 20 domestic banks to prevent over-indebtedness of citizens.

What he often resents is the lack of data updates. Or not updating the database fast enough. Citizens are blacklisted even though they have already paid off their debts, which complicates the already complicated loan approval process. Many complained that the process delayed them for unpaid parking or fees.

Credit companies launched loans without HROK

credit loan

Loans without HROK have become increasingly popular in recent years. This is supported by the continued indebtedness of the citizens of our Beautiful and the inability to survive a month without new debts. A large number of people are no longer able to obtain loans from banks because of a negative HROK report.

The resulting credit companies marketed non-HROK loans on the market. When granting loans, they do not rely on HROK reports, but they do look at the financial orderliness of clients.

Loans without HROK and a guarantee of return

Non-HROK loans are most commonly used by the following repayment guarantee measures: guarantor or co-debtor, debentures and life insurance policies. The guarantor or the co-borrower guarantees the repayment of the loan together with the loan seeker. If the loan seeker ceases to repay the installments for some reason, the guarantor or the co-borrower assumes his obligation.

When issuing a promissory note, the loan applicant signs an agreement that the financial institution may collect the funds owed to it. An insurance policy can serve as a guarantee for a refund, especially in the event of illness or death of the loan seeker himself.

Why do banks not have loans in their offer without HROK?

Banks are extremely detailed and rigorous when it comes to credit check. In addition to receiving and general indebtedness, creditworthiness is also affected by the type of employment, the status of the employer and the status of the guarantor / co-debtor.

Unlike credit houses, they rely on HROK reports containing information on the regularity of debt repayments, security instruments, the status of guarantors / debtors, and the like. Their offer does not include non-HROK loans. He is the cornerstone of their business when it comes to credit options.


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