Who here does not like to gift? It could be a new pair of shoes, a weekend trip or even going to that restaurant you both want to meet. It is easy to justify these expenses, we are trying to “fill a void”, “meet new people”, “seek new experiences”, or simply none of these three, we spend because it gave us the will, without any justification.

Delivering these expenses can be a healthy habit

Delivering these expenses can be a healthy habit

Delivering these expenses can be a healthy habit, however the problem is when those luxuries start to undermine our savings.

I recently heard a phrase that translates this idea very well: “Emotions are a powerful fuel to increase our expenses”. Even when I’m stressed, I finish eating chocolate to calm me down. I believe that I am not alone in this habit. But I know that if I do not maintain self-control, I will certainly have a great expense.

To make sure I deserve to spend on a certain thing, I’ve reshaped my whole thought. Let me explain. Basically, if I decide to buy a lot of delicious chocolates probably this will be a good solution to relieve my stress. But then what? Well, then you’ll beat that guilty feeling and regret that you ate so much.

When we think about saving the idea is basically the same. Remember, you deserve a quiet financial life, much more than an instant sense of gratification. So if you think you deserve something, think about how much this spending can affect your savings, and even better, just by using your self-control you will have a better sense of well-being.

“I do not have anything else to spare”


Many people tell me that they can not afford to save because they simply can not afford to cut costs. Yes, they can even do financial control, with spreadsheets and everything, but what they do not realize is that the problem lies in their habits.

When I say this, some begin to think that they should go through restraints in life or be the gang’s famous hard-core. However, the idea is not to switch health insurance, stop buying meat on the market, or time how much time you get in the shower, but simply start making more conscious decisions about your money.

Have you reviewed your grocery shopping list yet? Is everything that is there essential for the joy of the family, or is it possible to make some substitutions to reduce it? And lunch with the office staff, do I need to eat lunch every day or can I bring it once a week from home? And that tablet that you both wanted to buy, is it worth it to install it to have it now or can you wait for the prices to go down and earn a good discount on the cash purchase?

Notice that there are several decisions in the daily life that influence our savings and that, with simple changes in behavior, can greatly affect our ability to economize.

“I’ll save more when I start earning more”


Why do we postpone so many things in our lives?

Diet, for example, will only start when I enroll in the gym. The cigarette, I’m going to stop next year. And the proof of college? I start studying only the day before.

Are we guiding ourselves by the motto: “Do not leave to tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow”?

Certainly, if for certain questions “delaying a few minutes” does not interfere so much in our lives, when we think of saving, the sooner we have this habit, the better!

You may even think that you are sparing insignificant amounts, but are not after all little waterdrops that an ocean is formed?

Of course, if you do not make the habit of saving now, when you have earned more, the trend will just be to spend more.

So keep in mind that to accumulate a large fortune, the secret is not the right timing to enter the market, but rather how long you have been in the market.

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